Less is More

More products and collections are not the way to go for neither sustainable, nor sometimes even profitable, future says the State of Fashion 2021 report published by McKinsey & Company.

Then, one might ask, what is the way forward?

That’s precisely the question we asked ourselves at Wearebasics.

As a result, we came up with our first-ever collection Ground0! Ground0 collection embodies timeless and high quality basics which you can use for the rest of your life! But, of course, we are not holding you up to that. So to make things even sweeter, you can always send us back your pre-loved Wearebasics in exchange for new ones! Who doesn’t like a freshened up wardrobe without the clutter?! Or simply adjusting to changing seasons without breaking the bank!

And did we mention that all the while doing so, you will be paying in monthly instalments??

If this sounds like your thang (yes, that’s not a word, we know), feel free to check our collection out here!

You can also always check our How it works page for more deets on how things indeed work!

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